Yoga Programs

All Levels
Ongoing group classes are taught for all levels and are always fun. The hour and a half class offers a full-body workout that incorporates Kundalini breathing, warm-ups, standing poses, stretches, abdominal strengtheners and, of course, the Sun Salutation. A trained instructor and assistant are available to provide individual adjustment and help students get the most from the postures. Every class ends with a relaxation pose and soothing music that lets you cool down and acknowledge the gift you have just given yourself.
Hatha Flow/Vinyasa
A flow style of yoga that synchronizes breath with movement. Class begins with Sun Salutations & standing poses, then sitting forward bends & twists. Class ends with inverted poses. All levels welcome, although some prior yoga experience is recommended.
Back to Basics
This is the perfect class for those who are new to yoga, find regular classes too challenging and those who have special needs or injuries. It’s also a great refresher. We’ll work at a slower pace, focus on fewer postures each class and explore the use of props. Take it at your own rate with plenty of individual attention.
Intermediate Yoga
This class is for students who have been doing yoga for six months to a year or more. The focus of the class will be on more advanced postures than cannot be taught when all levels are present, including headstand, handstand, scorpion and king pigeon. Students learn a flow series of standing postures and work on fine-tuning the poses and increasing endurance.
Private Yoga Instruction
Private lessons with a Healing Yoga instructor provide one-on-one attention that focuses on the student’s specific needs–whether the goal is to assist the healing process for specific injuries, physical limitations or other health conditions or to deepen the work done in group classes. Routines can be recorded onto an audio tape to practice on yourown. Private instruction has benefitted Healing Yoga clients with back problems, sciatica and migraines, among other health issues. The one-on-one focus can make an important contribution to the healing process and overall health maintenance. Private lessons generally last one hour. Private group lessons are also available
Special Yoga Workshops
Healing Yoga provides on-site, custom-designed workshops for groups with specific needs. These workshops, which can be of varying lengths, are popular in the workplace to help relieve employee stress, but can be tailored for various types of groups. Healing Yoga also presents workshops periodically for special focus, including restorative yoga poses, among others.