Reiki Trainings

Reiki Level I
Level I attunement makes a person capable of healing others hands on. This attunement is primarily for self healing, but Reiki I channels can heal others too.
The cleansing process after this attunement involves physical cleansing and the channel may experience minor physical discomfort, such as common cold, etc.
This attunement can be taken at any age and any time, although an attunement is not required below 6 years of age. It usually takes about one day for a degree I attunement, but it must be practiced regularly, or a re-attunement may be required later.
The most significant changes observed after this attunement are often an improved immune system and more robust health.

Reiki Level II
This level is atleast four times more powerful than Reiki I. After a level II attunement, the channel can heal others not only physically, but from a distance as well. Apart from sending Reiki to people, he can also send Reiki to events and occasions. It takes one day to learn this degree.
The cleansing process after this attunement involves emotional healing. During the cleansing period, the channel may experience slight mood swings and memories from the past may resurface. Unresolved emotional issues are healed during the cleansing period.
It is best if the channel practices Reiki regularly for 3 months after the attunement to degree 1, before taking attunement to this level. Since it is so much stronger than Reiki I, one needs to practice Reiki for a few months to bring the body to a stage where minimum cleansing will be required after attunement.
The channel will find his intuition developing after this degree, and it will grow stronger with regular practice.

Reiki Level IIIA
A person attuned to this level is called a ‘Master Healer’. This level is atleast 10 times more powerful than the second level. At this level, a healer is capable of sending Reiki by thought alone.
During the cleansing process after this attunement, the channel might experience a variety of things. Since this degree causes spiritual healing, it causes some people to have strange dreams, remember past life experiences, or resolve long-standing fears.
Regular Reiki 2 practice is recommended for about 1-3 years before a person is attuned to this degree, to reduce the cleansing effects to minimum. The attunement to this level takes about a day.

With regular practice, the healer will find that just thinking about something will cause that person/ event to receive Reiki energy. Positive thinking becomes essential at this level, as any negative thought might just come true.

Reiki Level IIIB
This level is also called the Teacher/ Master level. After being attuned to this degree, a person can attune others to Reiki degrees 1 and 2.
Typically, in most lineages, this degree is not asked for, but offered by the teacher. If and when a teacher (Reiki Grandmaster) finds that the channel has reached a satisfactory emotional, mental and spiritual level, he/ she offers mastership to the student.

The number of days taken to learn this degree is not defined, as most teachers require their students to train under them for a while, to learn how to teacher others.

Reiki Level IIIC
This is the final degree in Reiki levels, and a person attuned to this level is called a Reiki Grandmaster.
A grandmaster can attune others to any degree in Reiki, including grandmastership. As with mastership, this degree is also often offered by the teacher and not asked for.
A person studying to be grandmaster will also need to assist his/ her teacher to learn how others are taught different levels, and the number of days for this is not fixed.