Meditation Programs

Beginner’s Workshop

You like to practice meditation but have no idea how? Who to go to?

This workshop is exactly what you are looking for. Meditation workshop is created to give you an introduction on how to be meditative. This workshop will inform you on other practices we offer at MKL. This workshop will provide you with the needed preliminary knowledge. The following areas will be covered in the workshop.

– Moral conduct
– Meditation posture
– What is meditation
– Practicing meditation
– Awareness
– Mediation object
– Mediation practice intro
– Energy

Focus Awareness & Equanimity Level-1

For beginners & practitioners. This meditation is recommended for 30 days of regular practice before you participate on Level 2 and Level 3.

This guided meditation is facilitated in silence via using breath to sharpen our awareness. This practice builds our awareness boosting our concentration. When awareness becomes one pointed by practice you will receive benefits far beyond what is written here.


– Increase your concentration
– Eliminate forgetfulness
– You will know your own nature
– Learn to bring the mind to calm.
– Experience clarity
– Increase the ability to focus attention
– Increase the ability to get things done faster with more efficiency.
– Experience peace and harmony

Body Awareness & Stress Release Level-2

For those who have been practicing meditation or completed FAE

This meditation is recommended 45 min every day for 3 months. Learn this practice few times then practice regularly in a quiet place for heighten state of awareness.

This guided meditation is practiced to become aware of the subtle existence of your physical body. The session is conducted in a silent background with guidance throughout the session. This practice brings attention to your body, which is always in the present moment. A serious interest in spiritual inquiry into the practice and patience is required for the maximum benefit. You can experience a completely different world after a regular practice of a year.


– Makes you grounded.
– Connects you to the subtlety of life.
– Relaxes your body
– Opens physical blockages
– Restores health and immunity.
– Get rids of harmful aura.
– Works as an anti-aging
– Physical rejuvenation

Mind Awareness & Stress Release Level-3

Only for serious practitioners of Mindfulness Meditation and for those who have completed FAE or BASR of regular practice of 3 months.

This session is experienced practitioners only. This session is facilitated in extended silence with a gentle reminder of awareness to be used to release the mind content.


– Release stress
– Increase calm
– Enhanced awareness
– Increase your ability to let go
– Understand the nature of things
– Clear and precision on decision making
– Relaxation and rejuvenation
– Works as anti-aging
– Strengthens immunity
– Feel infinite space
– Immerse in supreme consciousness

Chakra Healing & Balancing Meditation

This meditation is done to activate and balance 7 energy centers in our physical body. Each center has its own areas to restore and balance our body when in harmony. When these centers operate in disharmony with each other then we become vulnerable to disease, emotional imbalance, depression, misalignment, etc.

This practice facilitated by concentrating on 7 energy center of the body. Visualizing its color, verbalizing its particular mantras in repetition.


– Strengths immune
– Transforms Physical, Emotional and Mental state
– Strengths your aura
– You become aligned with nature.
– Increase self-confident
– Increase intuition
– Emotional release
– Integration