Meditation FAQ

Meditation FAQ

What Is Mindfulness?

The ability to quiet your mind, focus your attention on the present, and dismiss any distractions that come your way. The core of mindfulness is the ability to focus your attention, sharpen our mind, improve your sensitivity to subtlety.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of self-inquiry. We do this using a technique of mindfulness where for during this practice, we attempt to remove the noise of the past and future from our minds and focus this powerful energy within ourselves.

Why Do We Need to Self-Enquire?

Self-inquiry is a strong word used by people looking for the purpose of their existence or life itself. For those just starting to practice meditation, that may not be what is sought after. Usually, at an early stage, self inquiry is simply a process to gain peace of mind and some time away from the stresses of daily life. Once the practice deepens, the line of inquiry will naturally get deeper too and the questions to which answers are sought will slowly reveal itself.

Are There Any Physical Benefits of Meditation?

Physical benefits are usually just the peripheral gains of meditation. Ability to fight off long-term illnesses, reducing the intake of modern drugs for chronic illnesses, a stronger immune system are only some of the reported benefits of meditation. The deeper and prolonged benefits, however, are experienced by the mind over sustained periods of the practice. The mind becomes clearer and the person is able to make better decisions in matters of daily life. The natural aura around the person improves dramatically and he or she begins to attract positivity into daily life. Negativity and seemingly unsolvable life problems like relationships, love, work, loneliness, and money start to fade away.

What is awareness or paying attention is important to meditation?

It will be hard for you to get anything done in the external world without paying attention. Likewise when you mediation with closed eyes all your senses are driven inward. To be able to see the world inside of you. You will need attention.

What Is Spiritual Inquiry?

It’s a basic interest. When you choose a subject in university, you do it will an interest. Without that interest in that subject, you will not be able to study. Likewise, you are a subject of study as well. You have to have a basic interest to go further. If you are interested you will start asking questions. That is the inquiry.

How Do You Define Serious Practitioner?

Those whose practice is genuine. Genuine is honest. Who has the dedication to practice? Whose practice is not just a trail but is ongoing in the path.

What Do You Mean by Body Awareness?

The nature of awareness itself is revealing. When we become aware of our physical body, it will start to reveal itself. Practice will require for you to allow it.

Why Is a Cross-Legged Sitting Position Recommended?

Full lotus or half lotus posture for meditation is highly recommended as it grounding for the body, it is a symmetrical position, its provided good energy flow in the body.

Should Meditation Be Practiced Only in Sitting Posture?

It might take a little time to find your own meditation posture. Is very important to listen to your body. Sitting cross-legged might not be good for your body though it is recommended. It is important to be as comfortable as you can in the posture that can sustain awareness or a long time without any distraction. Each part of your body should be relaxed.

What to Expect in Meditation?

You will practice focusing your mind inward with help of a particular object. To be able to focus your attention is the only way meditation can happen. This is the first stage of the practice.

What Is Equanimity?

The ability to maintain the awareness with balance regardless of the occurring situation is equanimity.

What Is the Importance of Focus Attention and Equanimity?

Focusing your attention will allow your senses inward, which otherwise is always attentive to the external world. This will bring the mind to the state of calm. This will your also build your concentration power and span your ability to be attentive.
Equanimity will help build the ability of patience and tolerance in any situation. This works on the unconscious level of your physic.

Why Level 1 Is Recommended Before BAR?

Body awareness and release( BAR )requires a prolonged awareness span. Without the sustaining awareness, to be aware of the body is impossible. Level 1 and its regular practice will help you prepare for this practice.

What Do You Mean by ‘connect With the Body’?

Connection deals with feeling. When you connect with the body feelings are the first thing for you to expect. Feelings will be experienced in various forms. It can be pleasurable or unpleasurable. It can be in a vibrational form or in sensation. You can expect deeper connection as your practice matures.

What to Expect in Body Awareness-Release (BAR)?

BAR is facilitated by guided meditation with silence. It’s highly recommended to sit on the floor cross-legged. If you have any physical problems you can choose to sit on a chair or rest your back on the wall on the floor. You can expect to get introduced to your physical body and the hurdles you have in getting in touch with it

What Is Mind Awareness-Release?

This meditation practice is done after the extended period of mindfulness practice. Only with a smooth concentration ability, this practice will provide benefits. In this practice, mindfulness is used to release the content of the mind. This will release stress and bring peace to the mind. You can also release the empty nature of the mind.

What to Expect in Chakra Healing and Mediation?

In this practice, you will be visualizing particular color of the energy centers in the body and verbalizing its mantras. You will be seated with your eyes closed for the entire session. You will be experiencing the vibration in your body through the sounds you will be producing.

What Are These Energy Centers?

These energy centers are the subtle life force of the body and have been talked about in a great deal in many ancient scriptures. When these energy centers are in their total harmony and in balance, the human body is meant to experience healthy emotional, mental and physical well-being. High level of consciousness is also experienced.