Maharishi Mantra & Meditation


Vedic Meditation Basics

Vedic Meditation – An Ancient Technique

Vedic Meditation is a centering and spiritual practice descending from the traditional teachings of the Yogic Vedas in India. The function of this type of meditation is to purify and re-balance the thoughts and feelings. Vedic Meditation can minimize stress and anxiousness, increase consciousness and clarity of thought, improves alertness and ease of rest, increases …

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Planes of Existence and the Corresponding Meditative States

Arupa-Loka (Formless Realms) The immaterial or formless sphere (arupa loka) contains 4 planes into which beings are born on account of attaining the Four Formless Jhana. The inhabitants of those realms are possessed totally of thoughts. Having no bodily type or location, they’re unable to listen to Dhamma teachings. They obtain this by attaining the …

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