The Practice of Releasing Self-Judgement in Yoga

The Practice of Releasing Self-Judgement in Yoga

The practice of yoga teaches us many techniques and methods to lead happier and more meaningful lives.  After you have established a yoga practice, you probably realized that your yoga mat is a safe and powerful place where you can discover and explore your body, thoughts, and spirit. When you establish this level of safety on your mat, you can open yourself up to the magic of yoga: transformational experiences.  To create safety, every time you step on your mat give yourself permission to 1) leave the rest of the world off your mat and keep centered on the current moment, 2) release any thoughts of self-judgment, and 3) remember to breathe and really feel.

Eka pada kapotasana, Half Pigeon Pose, is an effective pose to apply this new mindset.  It is an intense hip opener but also very grounding which may create a safe setting.  (Technically, it’s considered a grounding pose as a result of there’s a forward fold on this pose.)  Our hips are the place we tend to carry our feelings (damaging emotions, trauma, and stress) and subsequently, it’s widespread to really feel bodily or emotional discomfort on this pose.  If you are feeling this discomfort whereas in Half Pigeon, don’t choose your self.  Instead, information your consideration again to your breath, inhaling lengthy deep breaths.  In uncomfortable conditions—whether or not on or off our mats—we have a tendency to carry or constrict our breath. It’s outstanding how some easy deep breaths can assist ease the discomfort.  What a present!  We merely want to recollect to make use of it!

When we apply letting go of self-judgment on our mats, by respiration via the discomfort, it’s a gateway to apply letting go of judging ourselves (and others) off our mats.  The extra we apply in a secure atmosphere, the simpler it turns into to do it in much less secure conditions. Letting go of self-judgment permits us to be a bit extra open with our hearts.  We apply letting go so we will stay our lives extra absolutely and extra freely.

Now attempt experimenting with the 3-step course of above whereas in Half Pigeon Pose.  Again, if you happen to discover any ideas of self-judgment come up, kindly redirect your consideration to your breath.  Here’s how one can do the pose:

From Downward Facing Dog carry your proper knee to the surface of your proper wrist and relaxation your shin diagonally comfortably alongside the mat, your proper foot behind your left wrist.
Flex your entrance foot to guard your knee.
Check to ensure your again leg is in a single long line behind you.  Press all 5 toenails into the mat.
Square your hips to the entrance of the mat.  Place a blanket beneath your proper hip if it doesn’t contact the bottom.
Hinge your torso ahead towards the earth (i.e., ahead fold) and take 5 to 7 rounds of lengthy, deep breaths.
Repeat on the left.