Sick of Yoga? 3 Ways to Get Your Yoga Mojo Back

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I just lately accomplished a 200-hour yoga instructor coaching course and am formally a yoga instructor!  Exciting, proper?  Well, in the previous couple of weeks of the course I discovered myself dreading working towards yoga!  I panicked as a result of yoga had been my love and keenness for years and now I used to be sick of it! As I began confessing to my fellow yoga instructor trainees, they shared that they have been having the identical emotions.  Whew!  Not to be egocentric, nevertheless it made me really feel lots higher that I wasn’t alone.  Each of us was simply bodily and mentally drained.  It gave me hope that this sense would go away.   

However, I have to admit I’ve had this sense on and off earlier than.  Nothing fairly as intense because it was this final time.  But it occurs, it’s human nature, and it may be robust to remain concerned with one factor on a regular basis.  So what do you do?

Give Yourself a Break!

One factor yoga has taught me is to glide and never pressure issues.  Just like when you’re in a yoga pose you possibly can’t push an excessive amount of into it as a result of it’s possible you’ll damage your self.  Instead it is advisable to breathe and do what feels proper in that second.  If meaning to change the pose, you modify the pose. This lesson on our mat teaches us to do what feels proper off our mats too.  And if meaning taking a break from yoga, take a break from yoga.  So I gave myself permission to just do that.

But I couldn’t let go utterly.  Fortunately, yoga has a lot extra to supply than only a bodily observe.  In truth, within the Yoga Sūtra (an historical textual content thought of to be the muse of the yoga philosophy and observe) there are 196 verses however solely 2 verses are concerning the bodily observe.  This insightful textual content comprises the 8 Limbs of Yoga, which is sort of a roadmap to information us in our journey to stay extra soulful and significant lives.   The bodily observe of yoga, or āsana, is the threerd limb of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. The different 7 limbs include respiration workouts, meditation and philosophical practices.  While I took a break from the bodily observe (āsana), I devoted extra time to different points of yoga.  Here’s what I did to assist get my yoga mojo again and I hope sharing my expertise offers you just a few concepts of what you are able to do must you get bored with yoga.

Three methods to observe yoga off the mat:

  1. Focus on a philosophical observe – There are 10 philosophical practices outlined within the first two limbs of yoga. Saucha, which interprets to purity or cleanliness, resonated with me.  One strategy to observe this instructing is to scrub and de-clutter the area round you.  It helps clear damaging vitality and invite new, vibrate vitality into your private home and life.  I believed this may be useful to eliminate my drained vitality from working onerous to finish my instructor coaching.  So, I did some deep cleansing, cleared out desk drawers, removed useless crops and repotted just a few.  I spray painted just a few issues to brighten up a number of the darkish areas in the home and I moved out furnishings to create more room for stagnant vitality to stream.  Wow!  I really like this observe!

Click right here for an entire checklist of all 10 philosophical practices and select one which resonates with you!  Commit to working towards it for one week.  

  1. Do Breathing Exercises – Breath work is so highly effective! It might be calming or energizing and there are a number of prānāyāma (the 4th limb of yoga) strategies to select from. I selected nādī shodhana, alternate nostril respiration. By respiration by means of every nostril, separately, it helps your thoughts keep targeted, it calms the chatter and it’s a nice precursor to meditation. Here’s the way you do it:
    • Using your proper hand let the thumb block your proper nostril.
    • Inhale slowly by means of your left nostril and exhale slowly out your left nostril.
    • Then block the left nostril along with your ring finger and take away your thumb out of your proper nostril.
    • Inhale by means of your proper nostril and exhale slowly out your proper nostril.
    • Repeat 5 to 10 cycles.
  1. Meditate – One of the very best outcomes of my instructor coaching was that I developed a constant meditation observe. Meditation, or dhyāna, is the 7th limb of yoga.  Interestingly, to essentially reap the advantages of yoga, you could domesticate a every day meditation observe.  That is why Four of the Eight limbs of yoga are targeted on meditation!  I meditated for 20 minutes each morning throughout instructor coaching and made a dedication to proceed that observe. 

I did these practices for about 2 weeks and, certain sufficient, I discovered myself again on my mat and loving each second of it!  When you are feeling sick of yoga I hope this bit of recommendation helps you get again in your mat too!