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Meditation for Men

The Benefits of Mantra Meditation for Men

Mantra meditation is a simple type of meditation that can help you change your life. This ancient practice has been used to help people with all sorts of issues, such as anxiety, chronic pain, and even depression. Some people are wary of starting a new meditation practice. They worry they won’t be able to do it or that it will take too much time. Mantra meditation is a great way to ease into meditation. It’s easy, quick, and is very helpful for people who have never meditated before.

What Is Mantra Meditation?

Mantra mediation is a practice that originated in ancient India. However, the practice has been adopted by people of all faiths. The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit word man (to think) and tra (to free the mind from wandering thoughts.) A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that focuses your mind on one thing so that other thoughts are blocked out. The mantra is usually a Sanskrit word of two or six syllables.

Mantra mediation involves chanting a simple sound over and over again, usually with eyes closed. The goal is to focus on the mantra and nothing else, keeping it in your mind as you breathe. Some people use the same mantra for weeks, months, or years at a time. Others pick a new one to use each day.

Some types of mantra meditation involve counting the repetitions. The counting is done in sets of 108, a sacred number in Eastern traditions. A set of Buddhist prayer beads or mala beads is used to count each set of 108. You can purchase specific mala beads for men to help you with this technique.

Mantra Meditation Postures

Mantra Meditation is usually practiced in a seated position with the eyes closed or partially closed. It is also a good idea to sit in a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the meditation. You can sit some cushions or blankets on the floor, but you can sit on a chair if you are uncomfortable sitting on the floor. You can also practice while standing or mindfully walking.

4 Benefits Of Mantra Meditation for Men

A regular meditation practice is believed to help in achieving a higher level of consciousness. It has many other benefits for the body and mind and overall improves one’s quality of life. Here are the top four ways that mantra meditation can affect your everyday lives.

  1. Helps You Focus and be More Productive
    This type of meditation is very effective at helping people relax and focus on what they are doing. Repeating the mantra helps focus the mind. The technique is also helpful for making it easier for the practitioners to concentrate on tasks such as studying and writing.
  2. Helps Develop Emotional Intelligence
    Regular meditation boosts compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude. These traits are vital to the happiness and health of everyone around you. By practicing meditation regularly, you will be able to develop better emotional intelligence and improve your relationships with other people in your life.
  3. Reduces Work Stress and Anxiety
    Mantra meditation Reduces worry, stress, and anxiety by relaxing the body and mind. It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety from work by creating distance between you and your thoughts. Studies have shown how daily meditation can improve distress, job strain as well as perceptions of workplace support.
  4. Improves Men’s Health
    Meditation has been found to improve men’s overall health by combat some of the leading diseases afflicting men, like prostate cancer, heart attack, and stroke.  It can help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, which can cause many health issues.


Many men are happy to find out that mantra meditation can do wonders for their physical, mental, and emotional health.  Not only does it help with stress and anxiety, but it also helps you to really hone in on your spiritual side. Now that you know the benefits of meditation, it’s time to start your own practice today and feel the benefits for yourself. There are many online courses with meditation to get you started. You can also find many tips to make meditation easier.

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