6 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Practice

A personal meditation practice can be both easy and profound. When it involves our time spent meditating—on a cushion or elsewhere—there are some challenges and obstacles we could run into. To alleviate these challenges, there are just a few ideas to always bear in mind when meditating. Here are six essential truths to always consider to be able to take pleasure in, and possibly even enhance, your day by day meditation practice.

1. Be Gentle and Kind to Your Self.

Meditation can be lighthearted and enjoyable! You don’t need to be stone-cold critical to meditate. Approaching your practice with a sort perspective towards your self will make issues way more comfortable. Look at it as a method of self-care—a time to nourish and nurture your self. When you do that, you’ll nearly all the time sit up for your time spent meditating.

2. Get Comfortable.

If you aren’t comfy within the position you’re taking throughout meditation, your practice will suffer. Many traditions say you have to sit on a cushion with a straight, straight backbone, and your fingers in a specific mudra. Of course, if that is what’s comfy for you, that is great. But for some, this is not a straightforward or handy place to settle into. The discomfort can develop into an unwelcome distraction. If you are feeling higher sitting in a chair and even mendacity down then enable your self to try this. Finding a meditation pose that retains you targeted and comfy will assist you to go deeper and extra extended into your practice.

3. Have Persistence.

Depending on what we’re going by way of in any given second, endurance will be laborious to achieve. As it seems, meditation helps us to practice endurance. In meditation, we enable ourselves to let our minds get quiet, which naturally helps us domesticate the advantage of endurance. Since meditation does take time, we wish to give it the time it deserves. When attempting to nonetheless the body and the thoughts it’s regular to, at occasions, really feel antsy—a lot so that you’re going to wish to get proper off the cushion the second you sit down since you’re feeling anxious. Be affected person with your self throughout these occasions, and simply do your finest. Meditation just isn’t a straightforward practice, and it takes self-discipline. Some of your “sits” might be simpler than others.

4. Connect to Your Breath.

Your breath is all the time occurring within the current second. When we hook up with our respiratory with consciousness, we’re connecting to the current second. We wish to domesticate this presence of consideration in our meditation practice and our lives. The breath can be a superb instrument for letting us know if we’re relaxed or anxious, calm or unsteady. Our breath can then assist us to chill out by way of the bodily or psychological pressure we could also be experiencing. We can elongate our inhalation and exhalation to convey us right into an extra centered and relaxed state of being—the proper place to be for meditation practice.

5. Move Your Body Into a State of Relaxation.

There’s a purpose why yogis do physical asana exercises to arrange them for sitting meditation practice. We need our bodies to really feel good and relaxed. When our bodies are on this state, we could discover it simpler to sink deeply into meditation. Doing yoga earlier than sitting down for meditation helps to get our bodies, and even our minds, to that place of rest and steadiness.

6. Use and Put on Healing Mala Beads.

Crystals and gems can be utilized for his or her many various therapeutic energies and properties. These stones originated from the Earth and include numerous mixtures of the 5 elements. When they arrive in touch together with your body, you’ll naturally unite with the gemstone’s therapeutic power. One of essentially the most efficacious methods to harness the therapeutic energy of crystals is to make use of and put on Tibetan prayer beads. These prayer beads or malas are much like a rosary; however, are used by Buddhists and yogis to chant Sanskrit mantras.

Our meditation practice generally is a time for us to release stress within the body even further, which advantages our well being and our practice on so many levels. This physical “letting go” helps our minds let go, and that is the place we wish to be to enhance our contemplative experiences in meditation.